Thank you for your interest in our wonderful Chocolate Labradors.  The photos are the blood line most used in our breeding program.  Your puppy or dog will look very much like these.  Each breeding is very carefully planned to produce the best puppies possible.  All litters are born in the family room (with closed circuit TV on them) and home raised loved and played with from birth.  We imprint our babies at birth to the touch and feel of human kindness and love.  This way all they know is the want to please you.  Last years babies were such a success that we have  many  letters from their new owners saying how wonderful and smart their puppy is.  We will do our best to help you find the best Labrador possible.

 We are located in Citra,  10 miles north of Ocala, Florida next to the National Forest.

39 Years ago, we started breeding our Labradors.  At that time the CHOCOLATE COLOR was considered the ugly duckling of the Labrador breed. Indeed many breeders got rid of any chocolates fast.   Born in their yellow and black litters. To take a chocolate into the Show Ring was laughable !!!!      To win was impossible. We took up the Challenge.  Finding the best of the Champion blood lines from  England,  Canada, and Sweden and the USA, and carefully bred to produce the beautiful, Chocolate Labrador that COPPERTONE CHOCOLATE LABRADORS are famous for.  WINNING CHAMPIONSHIPS all over the world.  Breeders of the year in  the L.Q. System.   Coppertone children  are winning Championships in the USA , COLUMBIA,  MEXICO, AND TOKYO. BRAZIL, PHILIPPINES, BELIZE, TURKS & CAUCUS AND MORE. American  Champion Coppertone War Paint is a  Champion  in Japan at World Champion Status.  We will have his grandchildren this year

We have not forgotten to be sure they are good swimmers and like to hunt birds and ducks  making them a wonderful week end hunting companion. 

Over the years their have been many Coppertone Winners and we are proud of them all. Especially excited about our new puppies.  Answering to the demand for quality and beauty. Classically English style dogs,  big bone, block heads, and short otter tails.  Not only beautiful to look at but also very intelligent.

Our dogs win in conformation dog shows, and work for the police departments as drug detector dogs,  for fire departments as arson  detectors  and rescue dogs. Many are working as assistance dogs to people with physical disabilities such as the blind and people in wheel chairs and more.

Our Specialty is CHOCOLATE but we also will have  blacks and yellows  this next year (ask about the rare silvertone color) ( 

Call or Fax or E-mail  for color photo’s. of the puppies and litters born and the mom and dad dogs..     We guarantee to ship only the finest quality  All our dogs are tattooed, have  two sets of  vaccinations and Vet Certified. 

We ship world  wide, or you are welcome to visit please call for an appointment.

We accept  Pay Pal,  Cash, Money Orders or (VISA and MASTERCARD  and Discover  ONLY) 

 A $100.00 deposit will reserve a new puppy  or you can be placed on the wish list for the time you are interested in a new addition to the family

If you require further information please contact us,  WE LOOK FORWARD TO HELPING YOU FIND A WONDERFUL LABRADOR.

Please call us at  FLA. 595 LABS .(352-595-5227)  10am to 4 pm mon to fri  best  leave a message (we are off to shows week ends)

E-Mail  (double click one to reach us)

FAX is also available at 352 -595- 0846  (Let Ring)


Post Office Box 25  ( Mail )          4250 North East  175 Street Road (Physical)    Citra, Florida  32113


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